Enosis offers a full range of virtual reality production services to meet client’s needs, delivering exceptional multimedia content for a range of VR platforms.

Original Concept Development and Production

Whether you’re interested in capturing 360° live-action video or building fully immersive and interactive worlds with 3D animation, motion capture or a range of mixed media, we have the expertise to direct and produce unique and highly innovative content.

App Development and User Interface Design

Enosis can deliver applications for mobile or high-end VR platforms. We’ve developed experiences for Android and iOS smartphones for use with Google Daydream and Cardboard viewers. We’ve also work with Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive and other custom room-scale and whole-body VR platforms.

Immersive Audio

A three-dimensional immersive world requires high quality 360° audio and a new understanding of sound design for interactive and generative environments. Enosis has experience working with Dolby Atmos and ambisonics as well as particular expertise in mixing and mastering music and sound effects for immersive experiences.

Custom Solutions

We develop custom hardware solutions to optimize the performance and interconnectivity of the latest VR HMDs. Not only do we create engaging worlds, we also design, evaluate and manufacture our own video hardware and software solutions.